Frequently Asked Questions

What can SignifiKa do for me?

Actually, a lot. SignifiKa offers mobile app developers an easy and fast way to turn their mobile apps accessible according the law. Our solution is designed to turn mobile apps to be more readable, easy to use and accessible to people with special needs, making their life's a bit more comfortable and connected.

Does your solution support the latest standards and regulations?

Absolutely. Today, accessibility is mandatory per law. Our solution supports the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0", USA section 508 and the IL 5568 standard.

What development platforms do you support?

SignifiKa's solution supports the three major development platforms: IOS, Android and hybrid apps. you can read about our variations here.

How easy is your integration process?

Super easy. You are only 3 steps away from integrating our SDK and letting us do the rest for you. You can read all about it here.

Do you provide updates?

Of course. An integral part of our ongoing service is providing regular and automatic software updates. We constantly strive to keep your app updated per law and running smoothly.

Will I need software developers for the integration process and maintenance?

No developers required around here. Our integration requirements are a straightforward plug & play process. We are the experts so let us do all the heavy lifting for you. see how easy it is here.